Film & Music

Our Department of Film & Music is running different courses in digital media under one roof.

Digital Film Making (1 year Diploma)
Diploma in Sound Engineering
Classical, Semi-classical & Film music
Weekend Photography Course
Weekend Acting Course
Learn To Play Musical Instruments

Panacea is Supreme

Thane’s finest and king size Film and Music Academy. The Academy to be nurtured and run by Industry’s top end team of individuals.

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Diploma in Sound Engineering

6 hrs a day , 3 days a week , 10 months in Total.

Topics Covered: What is sound, frequency, amplitude, velocity, direct and indirect sounds, reverb, delay, analogue and digital mixers, ADA conversion, Digital sound, quantization, notch filtering, EQ, Compressors, limiters, microphone types and placement techniques, cables and connectors.

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Our Music Facilities

Diploma in Classical

1 hr a day, 2 to 3 days a week , 1 year in total. Definitions of sur, shruti, naad and swara, introduction to structure and ragas of Indian classical music.

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Semi classical

Role of a composer, arranger, programmer, sound engineer, musicians and lyricist in song making

Film music

Understanding the view of composer, arranger and lyricist. Singer’s Approach towards playback.



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